Volume 1, Issue 2

Fall 2005


Fragments for a Process Theology of Mormonism

I want to offer an interpretation of the ongoing revelation that is Mormonism from the point of view of Process Theology. This will be a fragmentary interpretation because I cannot develop all of the possibilities in the space of one paper. Beyond the fragmentary...

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The Gospel as an Earthen Vessel

A simple question prompts this essay: is Mormonism thinkable? I do not mean to ask: has Mormonism ever been thinkable. I leave aside the question of whether or not Mormonism has been thinkable in past dispensations or in previous historical epochs. I mean instead to...

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The Silence that is not Silence

There is a certain sense in which I cannot speak the truth. It is not that the truth cannot be spoken, but only that I cannot speak it. The simple reason that I cannot speak this truth is that it is not my truth to speak. There is a sense in which in speaking I shall...

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Brian D. Birch, Utah Valley State College

Copy Editors

Ryan Robinson and G. Lawrence Anderson

Production Editor

Allen Hill